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Title Reference Date
Salt of the EarthMatthew Ch.5 v.13 22.11.2015
Tailor Made Evangelism Various 15.11.2015
What's in it for Me?Luke Ch.14 v.28 08.11.2015
How Long will You Waver?1 Kings Ch.18 v.1 01.11.2015
The Heart of the MatterMatthew Ch.28 v.19 01.11.2015
3D Vision Part 3Acts Ch.2 vs.42-47 18.10.2015
3D Vision Part 2Proverbs Ch.29 v.18 11.10.2015
3D Vision Part 1Acts Ch.2 04.10.2015
Morning WorshipGenesis Ch.6 27.09.2015
Just Be HeldDeuteronomy Ch.32 v.27 & Romans Ch.8 20.09.2015
Gospel Service 06.09.2015
Morning Worship1 Peter Ch.5 v.1 06.09.2015
Gospel ServiceMatthew Ch.18 vs.10-14 09.08.2015
Morning WorshipJohn Ch.15 vs.1-8 09.08.2015
Morning Worship1 Corinthians Ch.9 vs.1-23 02.08.2015
The Patience of GodLuke Ch.17 v.26 05.07.2015
PeaceIsaiah Ch.26 v.3 05.07.2015
Fear NotIsaiah Ch.43 v.1 28.06.2015
Mission ImpossibleEphesians Ch.5 v.25 21.06.2015
Morning WorshipExodus Ch.19 v.6 17.05.2015
Morning Worship 05.04.2015
Thou Art The Christ 08.03.2015
The Choice That CountsJoshua Ch.24 vs.14-16 22.02.2015
Please the Father Like JesusJohn Ch.5 v.30 08.02.2015
The Parable of the Two SonsMatthew Ch.21 vs.28-32 08.02.2015
Testimony by Paul Winters 01.02.2015
Be Focused Like Jesus Romans Ch.8 vs.28 & 29 01.02.2015
Be Compassionate like JesusRomans Ch.8 vs.28-29 25.01.2015
Do You Want to be My Disciple?Mark Ch.8 vs.34-38 18.01.2015
Be Prayerful Like JesusRomans Ch.8 vs.28 & 29 18.01.2015
ListenLuke Ch.10 v.38 11.01.2015
Be Spirit Filled Like JesusRomans Ch.8 v.28 11.01.2015
A Concerned God in an Unconcerned ProphetJonah 3 & 4 04.01.2015
Be Like JesusRomans Ch.8 vs.28 & 29 04.01.2015
HopeRomans Ch.15 v.1 21.12.2014
Heroes of FaithHebrews Ch.6 v.1 26.10.2014
Don't Close God Out 26.10.2014
Conquering Loneliness1 Corinthians Ch.1 v.1 19.10.2014
Be Devoted To Fellowship1 Corinthians Ch.13 v.3 19.10.2014
Every Goal Matters 13.07.2014
The Living WaterJohn Ch.5 v.1 29.06.2014
Praise Him! You're On the Wining SidePsalm 124 29.06.2014
Gospel ServiceRevelation Ch.3 v.14 22.06.2014
Let Me Introduce Myself 22.06.2014
RelationshipsExodus Ch.20 v.13 15.06.2014
Our Global GodIsaiah Ch.40 15.06.2014
Stir up the DustIsaiah Ch.43 v.18 08.06.2014
By His StrengthPhilippians Ch.4 v.13 01.06.2014
Christ Is The AnswerMark Ch.5 v.25 01.06.2014
CitizenshipHebrews Ch.11 v.13 25.05.2014
Longing For HomeJohn Ch.14 v.1 18.05.2014
Morning Worship 11.05.2014
A Great Church 04.05.2014
Metro Ministries in the Philippines 04.05.2014
An Encounter with ChristMark Ch.10 v.46 04.05.2014
Morning Worship 27.04.2014
Fear1 Samuel Ch.17 v.1 27.04.2014
Morning Worship 13.04.2014
Gospel Service 13.04.2014
A Journey of FaithPsalm 13 06.04.2014
Gospel Service 06.04.2014
Morning Worship 30.03.2014
Mothering Sunday 30.03.2014
A Christian Life in a Christless WorldGalatians Ch.5 v.1 23.03.2014
Gospel ServiceJoshua Ch.24 v.15 23.03.2014
Righteousness Peace & JoyRomans Ch.14 v.14 16.03.2014
Proof can be Found in a Personal Relationship1 Corinthians Ch.4 v.20 16.03.2014
Morning Worship2 Kings Ch.13 v.14 09.03.2014
Gospel ServiceLuke Ch.4 v.16 09.03.2014
Waiting On HimEcclesiastes Ch.3 02.03.2014
Gospel Service1 Peter Ch.1 v.3 02.03.2014
The Only RedeemerRuth Ch.4 v.14 23.02.2014
Why Did Methuselah Live So Long?Genesis Ch.5 v.21 23.02.2014
Elim Missions1 Kings Ch.19 v.1 16.02.2014
Living for a CauseActs Ch.7 v.54 16.02.2014
So Earthly Minded You're of No Heavenly UseColossians Ch.3 v.1 09.02.2014
The Greatest UnderestimationJohn Ch.11 v.1 09.02.2014
TimingGenesis Ch.22 v.1 02.02.2014
God's VoiceIsaiah Ch.6 v.8 02.02.2014
TimeRomans Ch.13 26.01.2014
Going Through StagesPsalm 40 26.01.2014
Morning WorshipEphesians Ch.3 v.1 19.01.2014
Gospel Service2 Corinthians Ch.5 v.17 19.01.2014
Morning WorshipRomans Ch.12 v.1 12.01.2014
Gospel ServiceMatthew Ch.27 v.15 12.01.2014
Running the Race1 Corinthians Ch.9 v.24 05.01.2014
Gospel ServiceLuke Ch.19 v.1 05.01.2014
A New Year's Eve MessageLuke Ch.9 v.51 31.12.2013
Building CharacterProverbs Ch.27 v.1 29.12.2013
Looking to a New YearExodus Ch.14 v.4 29.12.2013
He's the Reason for the SeasonLuke Ch.2 v.8 22.12.2013
Dundonald Elim Choir 22.12.2013